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rivers of history life on the coosa tallapoosa cahaba - rivers of history life on the coosa tallapoosa cahaba and alabama harvey h jackson iii on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this study reviews how the four streams of the alabama river system which flow for more than 900 miles through the state have shaped the lives of those living along their banks, fishes of alabama encyclopedia of alabama - alligator gar mobile basin the mobile basin comprises eight river systems that drain most of alabama as well as sections of western georgia eastern mississippi and southeastern tennessee the entire mobile basin is inhabited by about 242 fish species numbers of species per river system range from 123 in the upper tombigbee river to 147 species in the coosa river, de soto s trail thru the southeast north georgia and alabama - alabama by donald e sheppard introduction superscripts place names southeastern alabama trails devaca in alabama moon phases acknowledgements all trails map the next day in a heavy rain they entered alabama and spent the night in itaba a large town near a good river r today s cedar bluff where the chattooga river joins the coosa river, amazon com the rise and decline of the redneck riviera - the rise and decline of the redneck riviera traces the development of the florida alabama coast as a tourist destination from the late 1920s and early 1930s when it was sparsely populated with small fishing villages through to the tragic and devastating bp deepwater horizon oil spill of 2010 harvey h jackson iii focuses on the stretch of coast from mobile bay and gulf shores, black belt region in alabama encyclopedia of alabama - black prairie at the heart of alabama s black belt is the ripley cuesta a ridge with a steep north face and gentle sloping southern face this feature is known locally as the chunnennuggee after the bullock county ridge formation of the same name a geological formation known as the selma chalk underlies the blackland prairie a major physiographic component of the region, afoa news issues information - news issues information 12 6 18 gene wengert known as the wood doctor says canadian purchases of southern sawmills may lead to additional shortages of lumber used in home construction in the u s which would then reduce housing starts and demand for wood products used in home remodeling